Monday, June 24, 2013

Farewell Old Friend

I'm back! I'm sorry I missed Sunday's post. I was having kind of a rough night because of what happened today, I will explain later. But I didn't really have anything I knew I wanted to talk about and I also didn't really feel in the spirit to write. Anyways, onto today's post.

Today marks the end of a life for someone in my family. It was my dog, Rosey. We are all going to miss her so much. She seriously was the best dog anyone could ever ask for. Rosey was 13 years old and her health was failing her. There wasn't ever a big incident that let us make the decision easy. It was basically up to my dad. Her health had been failing for a while now. The Vet even told us that there was nothing else we could do for her. So, it came down to my dad making the decision. And since my whole family was going to be out of town this upcoming weekend, he decided that today was the day.

My whole family came to say goodbye to her. Going into the office was so hard because I just look over and I see my father crying. That led me to start to cry. We all went in and they let us have a couple more minutes with her to day goodbye. My dad, mom and I were all crying while my older brother tried to make light of the situation, cracking jokes.

Time was up and they brought her to the back room. They told us they would bring us back when she was sedated right before they euthanized her. Once everything was all set up, the technician led us to the back room. And there she was. Laying on a towel calmly breathing. They told us she would still be conscious at that point, but it wasn't the same. While she was still alive in that moment, I knew she wasn't truly there. If she had been she would be the lively, loving lab that she had always been. She would be scratching up a storm because her allergies were off the chart, she wasn't Rosey.

We got to pet her and kiss her one last time and then the vet came in. They inserted the needle in her leg slowly. At one moment she shook, like something I had never seen. It's like her soul was just torn out of her body. I knew at that point she was gone. But even still, seeing her lay there it didn't seem real. It seemed like she was just asleep and that she would wake up at any moment. But she didn't. She was gone.

Going home I cried the whole way back. I walked through the front door to my house and my first reaction was to call out to Rosey to greet her. I saw her bed, it was empty. I went upstairs to see the spot that she would lay in all day was empty as well. And that's when it really hit, she was never coming home. Sure she will always be there in spirit. But the flesh of the dog I had for more than half of my life was gone forever. 

I will miss her so much. She has taught me so much about love and loyalty that I will never forget. She was my best friend as a little girl. Any time I was upset I would just go and cry to her. I told her everything. She will always hold a special place in my heart that will never be filled.

Love you Rosey. I can't wait to see you again someday.


Casey Rose