Monday, May 12, 2014

It's A Wrap

Today's post is in honor of my newest Instagram account! 

I've decided I want to do more fashion and OOTD posts and I thought, what better platform to post on than Instagram! Aside from it being my favorite form of social media, I also love it because you can be creative in the form of pictures which is right up my alley.

Today's post is the outfit I wore this Sunday to church on Mother's Day.

The dress is a plain cotton black maxi dress and sunglasses are from Francesca's Collections, the cardigan is old from gap, scarf is old from Lands End, sandals are Gold Jack Rogers, and the watch is from Micheal Kors.

So what do you guys think? Like these kind of posts? I will keep them up if you all want to see them, I thought that this was a fun thing to start and I actually enjoyed shooting these photos (with the help of my lovely brother, of course)

Also, check out my new Instagram - @bowsandarrowsx3

Until next time,

Casey Rose