Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall Shoe Picks

On today's comeback of Fashion Friday I am going to talk about my shoe choices for this upcoming fall season.

Below you will see a set that I made on Polyvore, a website I have talked about a lot before where you are able to make collages of different clothing, accessories, and even home furnishings. The site allows you to browse other sites and add pictures of products onto a canvas where your imagination is set loose.

Fall Shoe Picks

The outfit I have chosen is a classic fall outfit. Starting off with a chunky cable knit sweater paired with faux leather leggings with zipper pocket details. The accessories chosen with this outfit is a quilted Chanel bag and to top it all of a classic wine colored nails.

The shoe choices I have decided to pair with this outfit are as follows, starting at the top left:

First we have an open toed black leather bootie with zip up details on the side. This compliments the outfit as the zipper detailing ties in perfectly to the leather leggings. The open toed detail is the perfect flirty aspect to complete a date night look.

Secondly is the leopard print loafers. They bring something different to this look as it is the only print in the entire outfit which allows it to become a central piece in this outfit. The loafers are a classic fall staple that have been in style for a couple of seasons now. I love these because they are the only shoe without a heel, which is the most comfortable and practical option. These are perfect for a shopping day with your girlfriends, something more casual that can be paired with many other outfits in your closet.

Third we have the silver, gold and black strappy pumps. These are definitely the most 'fun' shoe in the collection. They aren't as practical for when it gets into the colder months, but these are perfect for these early fall months when you go out on the town with your girlfriends for a 'girls night out'.

Lastly, we have the suede heeled booties. These, again, are a staple for fall and have been for a while. These are perfect for when the months start to get a little colder, and can be paired beautifully when you switch out the leggings for tights and a bandage skirt.

There you have it! My overall picks for shoes this fall! Now we didn't even touch on the subject of riding boots, which are my personal favorite for fall and winter, but don't worry those will come at a later date!

Until next time,

Casey Rose

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Take The Challenge

Today I came across this video and it really struck me...please take a moment to watch it and continue reading this post if you so please.

Think about how often we use our phones and computers every day. I mean, for me, I am currently writing this blog post on my laptop with my phone right next to me and Grey's Anatomy currently  playing on Netflix on my TV. We as a society are so consumed with our technological devices that we rarely take a moment to appreciate the world around us. We feel as though we won't be connected to our friends if we don't have our phone on us every second of every day. The other day my friend's phone broke and she had a panic attack because she felt so lost without that technology.

It's so sad to think that we have become that dependent on a device. Many young adults today probably can't even remember back to a time when we played outside instead of sat in front of our televisions or computers and played video games for recreation. It's no wonder obesity has become the problem that it is today. We don't set aside time to just focus on ourselves, without technology.

One of my most memorable times this year was during spring break when a friend and I decided we were going to go 'phone-less' for the entire duration of spring break. I spent the week with bunch of my close friends in a beach house together, and really anyone I wanted to talk to was there with me. Now, it wasn't everyone on the trip that decided to take the challenge, just myself and one other. Everyone else on the trip was 'impressed' and asked us 'how we got through the week', to be honest - it wasn't that bad. Now we did give ourselves one 'cheat' a day, where we could turn on our phones for 10(ish) minutes just to check and make sure our parents didn't need to talk to us or to make sure nothing major happened, but after that it was phones off.

Was it difficult? Maybe a little at first. But I was really able to enjoy my spring break trip with the people that I care about. At the end of the week, I almost didn't want to turn my phone back on.

Now I encourage all of you to take the challenge. It doesn't have to be a weeks worth of time, but maybe just for a day - or even just during your work day or classes, turn off your phone. Sure it will be hard at first, but I bet you will be amazed with how much more you are able to get done and the amount of information you are able to retain by just staying fully focused during a professor's lecture.

Because the best memories you have will not be from what you read on a computer screen, but from the experiences you have with the ones you love.

Until next time,

Casey Rose