Wednesday, September 18, 2013

God is Great, Beer is Good, and People are Crazy

Most days are good days. I am naturally a positive person, I like to see the good in people and I rarely have a bad day. But when I do have a bad day, it's really bad. I think it comes from the fact that I am so naive about certain things that when the real world comes crashing into me, it hits me like a ton of bricks. This is the cause of my bad day today.

There are moments in life where I absolutely hate being a girl. Yes it has its perks, men pay for you on dates (if he's a gentleman), you can get get out of a ticket just by lowering the neckline of your shirt just at tad, and "I'm on my period" works as an excuse for pretty much anything. However, there are other moments that absolutely suck. But the funny part is, most of these problems occur when dealing with other women.

On the outside we may seem like sweet, innocent creatures but on the inside we are manipulative, cruel little bitches. When we know what we want and we will do almost anything to make it happen. For men, you are helpless. Because, for the most part, when it comes to dealing with a woman - she will almost always get her way. But this is where conflict resides. When women stand in the way of what another woman wants. That's when the claws come out, again, ever so slyly.

This is basically my situation with having to deal with manipulative girls. But for confidentiality purposes, lets just put this into clothing terms. Say there is this girl, lets name her Susie. Susie is getting a gorgeous new dress as a present. She already knows she is getting it and is more than thrilled about it, so she proceeds to tell everyone about how much she is excited about this dress! Well then we have Brittany. Brittany has been eyeing that dress ever since she saw it online the first day the collection came out but she knows that she could never afford that dress. So prior to this day there was no hope for her to ever get her hands on it. However, she catches wind about how Susie is getting this gorgeous dress as a gift. Now there's some back story that you must know about. Susie and Brittany haven't had the best history. Brittany had borrowed Susie's favorite skirt and had carelessly gotten dirt and mud on the skirt that just would not come off. Needless to say, it was ruined. Susie told Brittany she wasn't allowed to borrow anything else of hers because she carelessly mistreated her favorite skirt. Well Brittany was furious. She began telling everyone that Susie was being absolutely ridiculous and the only reason she said that was because she thought Brittany was too fat and would stretch her clothes.

Left field right? Like where did that even come from, no where. Classic example of girls and how they react to innocent situations where they don't get what they want. Anyway's back to the story...

So now that everyone has heard from Brittany how 'mean' Susie is, they jump to Brittany's side and completely stop talking to Susie. After this happens, Susie is confused as to what is happening. All of her supposed 'friend' aren't talking to her for what seems like no reason! That is until Susie hears from a mutual friend of them both that Brittany is saying all of these untrue things about Susie. Needless to say, Susie is furious but is the bigger person. If these people want to believe Brittany's lies then they can do so, they clearly weren't good enough friends to begin with to hear both sides. So Susie lets it slide making sure that Brittany has no idea of the knowledge she just gained

But enough with the back story, continuing onto the original story...

So Brittany catches wind of how Susie is getting this great dress! Well until this point Brittany had been rude and completely ignoring Susie. But now that she hears about this dress, she slowly starts to become friendly to Susie - hanging out with her, having lunch with her, etc. Susie acted normal, but in the back of her mind knew that this was because all Brittany wanted was to borrow that dress. She knew from the start how much Brittany loved it. So what is Susie to do? Call Brittany out on being a fake ass bitch or play along and let her think she has a chance to borrow that dress, but in reality there's no way in hell after she mistreated her skirt and she said all those nasty things about her.

If you're a boy reading this, welcome to Girl World. I bet I just blew your mind. Girls, I bet you read this and thought of at least 100 situations where this happened to you or a friend in your own life. It's so sad to think that you cannot trust your own gender. Guys, I wish we were like you. You have a problem with another guy, you say "Hey man (explain your concerns)", talk it out and boom! You're good to go! I'm not sure if its our desire to have drama in our lives at all times but we just love to fester on stupid, little things that in 5 years will not matter in the slightest. But I guess there is just nothing we can do about it. Boys will be Boys and Girls will be Crazy.

Until next time,

Casey Rose