Wednesday, December 25, 2013

'Tis the Season

I know that I normally post about things that I want on Wish-list Wednesday's, however since today is Christmas and the world has just gotten finished with receiving a bunch of presents - I thought it wouldn't really make sense to post about things that I want when I was just given so much. So today I am going to post about some of the big gifts I received this holiday season.

The first and biggest gift this Christmas was the iPhone 5s Gold. This present was very highly anticipated. I wrote about this in my 'What I want for Christmas' post, and low and behold - Santa came through! And in the perfect color too.

The next biggest, and probably most surprising gift, were these riding boots from C Wonder. I have been asking for a new pair of boots for a while. I really wanted a brown pair as the only one's I own are falling apart. But these are too gorgeous and just my style that I really don't mind! Also, if you haven't heard of this store yet I would urge you to check the website out. They have great quality items for a better price than you will find at other retail stores.

The next pair of items pretty much sum up my Christmas into one word - Monograms. I'm in love. Both the hat and the vest come from Marley Lilly. I'm not sure where the necklace came from. Let me tell you I am overjoyed with all of these presents. I really wanted a monogram hat of some variation, I wanted a white monogram vest, and I've been asking for that necklace for the longest time now. Perfect Christmas gifts that I wouldn't change anything about! 

So tell me, what did you get for Christmas this year?

Until next time,

Casey Rose