Monday, December 23, 2013

Smooth as Silk

About two weeks ago I started a segment called 'Make me over Monday's'. Last Monday I was finishing up exams and I really didn't have time to write a post, so we shall pick up where we left off.

This Monday I wanted to talk about my holy grail product for my straight hair - Moroccan Oil.

This product has been all the rage lately. It makes your hair super silky and smooth and it keeps my hair straight all day. It is a little on the expensive side...try $43 for a 3 oz. bottle. Yeah. But I am telling you, it is worth the money.

What I like to do is take one pump on my dry hair, either air dried or after blow drying, massage it throughout my hair making sure to focus on the ends. Then I proceed with styling. If I decide to curl it then that is it and I will just hair spray my hair afterwards. When I decide to straighten it, I take another pump after I am done styling and work it throughout my hair again. Doing this 'tames my flyaways and conditions my split ends'...or so it says on the bottle :) Either way, I swear by this product and recommend it to everyone who is looking to get silky, smooth, touchable hair.

You can find this at a lot of different salons, however I found this one on the Nordstroms website.
The 0.8 oz bottle goes for $16.50 and 3.4 oz goes for $43

So tell me, what is your favorite hair product?

Until next time,

Casey Rose