Thursday, December 19, 2013

One Secret I'll Never Tell, XOXO

If you know me at all you know that I am not the kind of person to be found glued to the television, always watching a new show or movie. A lot of my friends actually make fun of me for how many movies I haven't seen. However, since the invention of Netflix this has took a turn for the worst. Now Netflix has a lot of different, and I might even go as far as to say weird, things on their site. But the one thing they are great about is having quality TV shows. 

It all started when I got hooked on Desperate Housewives last year. My suite-mate and I would spend most of our nights glued to her television, watching hours upon hours of episodes. I recently finished all of the seasons last spring and then came to discover Revenge. After I finished Revenge over the summer I was stuck. I wasn't sure what to watch and so I would try a bunch of different shows, never really getting into them as much as I had with the other two series.

That was until this semester. Living in a sorority house, although at first sounds a little overwhelming when you learn that it is 40 girls living under one roof, has its perks. Aside from having 40 closets to choose from and always having someone there willing to pick you up or drive you somewhere at 2 in the morning, girls seem have great suggestions for what should be next in your Netflix cue.

I walked into the house one day after class to find a couple of my sisters on the couch watching an episode of Gossip Girl. I had nothing else to do that day so I sat down to see what this was about. After engaging with everyone and trying to figure out what exactly was happening in this episode, the girls appeared to be confused by all of my questions. It wasn't until one girl asked "Wait, have you never seen this before?" The amount of gasps I received when I gave my answer was a sign that clearly I have been missing out on something. And so my expedition began.

The last episode of Gossip Girl aired almost a year ago to this date and I just moments ago finished the last episode. To say that I am in love with the series would be a serious understatement. The way they portrayed the characters and were able to make you fall in love with them, begin to hate them, and fall in love with them all over again is an experience I really never had before. They were able to take me into their world, be completely jealous of them, yet at the same time completely relate with them. 

I have learned so many life lessons from Gossip Girl that I have decided today I would share with you exactly what each of the main characters has taught me throughout my time watching this series. So sit back, relax, and reflect with me the end of an era (even if it might be a year late).

Nate - I learned from Nate that in order to be happy with yourself, you need to make things happen on your own accord. Taking advantage of the things you are entitled to may be the easy way to live life but it is also the most unsatisfying. In order to be happy with yourself, you need to make your own way in this world.

Blair - I learned from Blair to stick up for myself and work hard for what I want. Blair always got everything she wanted but it wasn't always because of where she came from. She worked hard for everything; whether it was in her work, her friendships, or even her relationship with Chuck, she was constantly working for them to succeed.

Serena - I learned from Serena to not worry about what other people think of you. The only persons opinion that matters is your own. If you live your life living up to the expectations that other people have of you, you will constantly be disappointed. Be who you want to be without any fear or objections and never look back.

Chuck - I learned from Chuck how to treat the person you love. Chuck was constantly giving everything he had to help Blair, even when she wasn't his. I also learned from him that it is okay to give yourself to that person. Love is a scary thing but once you fall you learn that it is the most amazing thing in the entire world.

Dan - What I learned from Dan is that it is okay to be yourself. The only way you can truly love yourself while having the people around you love you as well, is to be completely honest with who you are. If you are trying to be someone else at the end of the day you will fail. The people who love you will love you no matter what, so open up and show everyone the real you.

There you have it, my reflection of the lessons taught by the greatest show ever to be aired on television. Is that a stretch? Maybe, but I love it. After all...'you know you love me'


Casey Rose