Wednesday, December 11, 2013

All I want for Christmas is...

Oh what to wish for this Holiday Season...who am I kidding, I've already sent my list in to the Big Guy weeks ago. Oh, you want to see what things made the list? Well if you insist...

Yes, the iPhone 5s Gold. I was hesitant at first to ask ole' Saint Nick for this particular color of the iPhone just because a lot of people said it was 'tacky' and 'ghetto'. With much deliberation I finally decided I didn't care and that I loved the gold iPhone. So hopefully, since my 2 year contract is up, that will be the big Christmas item this year :)

Next is this lovely watch. If you all don't know by now, I love watches. I already have two Michael Kors watches, one white one I got for my high school graduation, and the other a gold one that I bought with my own money from work. So of course the next obvious color choice would have to be silver! Duh! It's beautiful and I need question.

Lastly, is this beauty. I have had my eye on this bag ever since it came out. To say that everyone in Pi Phi drools over this tote would be an understatement. With the price tag being around $100, it never  really seemed to be worth the price (especially for this poor college student). But Santa doesn't care about cost right?! Thought so :) Thanks Santa!

What are the items on your Christmas list this year?

Until next time,

Casey Rose