Tuesday, July 30, 2013

World Traveler

Oh hey, it's almost been two weeks! Where in the world have I been, I bet you've been wondering?

No? Oh awkward.

Haha but really I have been MIA for almost 2 weeks and I'm here to explain. Also to catch you up on what has been going on.

Well the last post was two Wednesday's ago and that Thursday I ended up driving down to Wilmington for my best friend's wedding! It was such a beautiful wedding, I'll insert pictures below, but needless to say it was very hectic and I really didn't get the opportunity to sit down at my computer to do much of anything, nonetheless blog. So here are some pictures from her lovely wedding :)

Some of the other bridesmaids and I.

The beautiful bride!

Their first dance!

Father daughter dance

Avengers cake for him

The table we sat at, whoops not family of the bride!

Sparklers to send them off!

It really was beautiful and I had such an amazing time celebrating my best friend marrying the man of her dreams. I'm so glad I could be apart of it.

From Wilmington I decided to visit a friend and make the long trek up to Washington D.C.! Yes, the nation's captial.

While I didn't spend much time there, I did end up getting to see some sights and even go to a Nationals game! Overall it as a fun trip and I would love to go back. Maybe not take the metro again, yes I may have gotten lost - clearly I am not meant for the city, but I would definitely go back :)

After DC I came home and honestly didn't do much. I got sick, felt like crap and laid in bed all day. I also worked, so my life has been pretty boring. 

However, right now I am at the beach! My family has rented a beach house here for the last two weeks of summer and I am so excited! My last two days working at Francesca's are this Thursday and Friday and I have a retreat this weekend, but come Monday I will be back at the beach soaking up the sun during my last few days of summer vacation. I will update you guys about my trip sometime next week when I have more pictures.

Other than that, I promise to update this more! I have been sucking lately, but I pinky promise I'll be better :) (not that anyone really cares, haha)

Until next time,

Casey Rose