Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ocean to Ocean

Hi! I realize I suck and that I haven't really posted on this blog in forever. Last weekend as you may or may not know I was in San Diego for a conference for Pi Phi. I was planning to keep this blog updated while I was there but there was no internet and any down time I had was dedicated to sleeping. So I will try and make it up here!

I had so much fun making new friends and learning lots to take back to my chapter when the fall comes around. I can't tell you exactly what we talked about, mainly because it would take up four pages, but the majority of the conference was dedicated to voting in the new Grand Council as well as different sessions that you could go to to focus on what is a main need for your chapter.

I went to a lot of the Recruitment sessions because our chapter is new and we still aren't totally awesome at recruiting. I learned so much and got so many ideas from different chapters. I even got to speak with someone from Alabama, who has a pledge class the size of our whole chapter...yeah seriously..., and just listening to the way she does things on a Greek heavy campus was so interesting and gave me lots of ideas to try out when I returned in the fall.

So my rant is over and even though I couldn't fill you in on everything, I hope the pictures that follow make up for it :)

Off to San Diego!

The pretty fountain behind the hotel

The view from my room - gorgeous

The pretty harbor with the San Diego Sky line

The $75 Rugby shirt I HAD to have.

The pretty letters for convention

Night one's dessert, so precious and so good!

Cookie Shine!

Philanthropy project on the last day

Throw what you know!

Sis Mullis, the cutest Pi Phi ever

Grand President being sworn in!

Before the Carnation Banquet - last night's dinner

The plane ride home :(

I hope you enjoyed a few pictures from the trip. I had an amazing time and want to go back!

Until next time,

Casey Rose