Friday, July 12, 2013

High on Life

If someone asked me to describe my style in three words I would probably use girly, conservative, and preppy. But for whatever reason, I am always envying how these (as I like to call them) 'hipster' girls dress. You know the ones, that are so tall and skinny, wear high waisted shorts, cut off shirts, and combat boots. I love that style and even though I would probably never convert my closet to dress like that at all times, I think adding a little flair from people or trends that inspire you is completely fun and a great way to spice up your wardrobe while also staying a little bit in your comfort zone.

So today for Fashion Friday I will be talking about a recent purchase I just made from Urban Outfitters. Yes, I bought high waisted shorts. I had bought a pair from American Eagle years ago, loved them to death but unfortunately grew out of them and they also weren't as high waisted as I probably would have liked them to be (since I have a longer torso and high waisted to some is like barely scraping the bottom of my belly button). Anyways, I bought the shorts below from Urban Outfitters and immediately fell in love and knew I had to get them.

Now if you know me at all, if I were to get a pair of high waisted shorts - these would be them. But while I must say even though these might have been made for me, it took me a lot of pairs to be completely sure. I had tried on so many shorts, ones with fringe, ones without, different colored washes but these were the ones I kept coming back to. They were $60 and I almost didn't get them because they were $20 more than the exact same pair, the only difference was the lace on the side and I didn't really know if I could justify paying $20 for lace. However, I convinced myself and I am so happy that I did. These were the perfect length, again I am a little more conservative so I wasn't a huge fan of the shorts that were showing a little booty. And they also were high enough to cover my belly button, another huge plus! Also, the lace = girly...need I say more?

My advice to you if you are in the market for a good pair of high waisted jean shorts is try on as many as possible, in as many washes, lengths, and styles as possible. A good place to start would be Urban Outfitters just because they almost always have them and from there you can find ones you like and maybe find them for cheaper elsewhere, but at least you know what you want.

Now that I had my recently purchased shorts, of course I couldn't wait to go home and try them on and make as many outfits as possible! Here are a few of my favorites...

This first one I have actually already worn out to dinner with my friend. The shorts are BDG Erin High-Rise Denim Shorts from Urban Outfitters. The shirt is (old) from Urban Outfitters. And the necklace is (old) from a local boutique.

I loved this look because I feel like it is so nautical. This shirt I have owned for the longest time now and every time I put it on it just reminds me of summer, I don't know why but I love it.

The next look is kind of more casual. It is something I would probably wear with cowboy boots to a summer concert. I wore something like this when I saw Chiddy Bang, only I had on low rise jean shorts. I like this because since the shirt is a crop top, you don't see any of my stomach (which I am insecure about) and it high lights my favorite parts of my body - my arms and neckline.

The shorts again are from Urban Outfitters. The top is (old) from Forever 21. And the necklace is the Tinley Park Floral Necklace from Francesca's.

This last outfit isn't exactly my favorite, maybe because I didn't really try to make it look as nice as I could have, but the concept of it I love. This is a look I would probably wear to a party with wedges. I love these kinds of tops, I have two of them and one in a dress form...I'm also looking for a white one, yeas I realize I'm crazy. However like I said before it high lights my favorite part of my body - my upper body (shoulders, arms, neckline, etc.)

Again, shorts from Urban Outfitters. Top is from a local boutique and the necklace, again, is from Francesca's.

I hope you all enjoyed this Fashion Friday. I think this post kind of relates back to the first post I had ever written on here. It was about how even if a style is 'meant' for a certain body type, you can still rock it and make it your own for your body type. I certainly do not have the skinniest figure and I know I have some hips. Plus this whole high waisted shorts deal doesn't do wonders for your ass, sorry about it. But I am in love with these and I think I made them work for my body type :)

Until next time,

Casey Rose