Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Embrace and Engage

We're back in the saddle again. School is back in session. While my Christmas break seemed like it lasted a total of 2 days, it was a very relaxing time away.

The first days of school are always my favorite. You are normally the most organized and you get to learn from each of your different professors what exactly to expect for the semester to come.

This morning I had a class called History of the Modern Middle East. From the title it sounds like a very random and weird class, however I thoroughly enjoyed the first day and am looking forward to the semester to come.

One of the things we went over in class today really struck a chord with me. Prior to really getting into the subject material my professor lectured on why it is important for us to study history. There were many reasons as to why he said it was important but the thing that stuck with me is,

"We study history because if we do not know where we were we do not know where we are going"

He used the example of what if one day you were to wake up and not remember anything about your life. Your mind was completely blank. This gives you the opportunity to do whatever you wanted with your life! You could go back to school and become a surgeon, business man, historian, anything your heart desired! He also pointed out the fact that studies show most people who do lose their memory do not have this 'gung-ho' attitude about the life ahead of them. Most of them end up crawling in a fetal position, scared of the world around them.

 We need our history to determine who we are as a person. Our lessons and experience shape us into who we are. We are constantly changing and always learning about ourselves and the world around us. To be scared of change is to be afraid of life. It is inevitable and the only thing it will do is better you as a person.

Change may be a scary thing because we are comfortable being the person that we currently are, however you have to believe that there is an even better person waiting to come out of you. You just have to embrace the change that will come and face it head on. I believe the people that do this appear to be the most successful in life. They are the people in this world that are the best role models, the people we should model our lives after.

If I we could all be like that I'm sure that the world would be a much more peaceful place.

(just a little something I needed...)

Until next time,

Casey Rose