Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Study Break

It's finals time for most college students. Whether you are just starting or just finished, no matter what stage you are in the general consensus is always the same...

Exams suck!

There is something simply unnatural about having hundreds of college students crammed in the same place (a library most likely), hyped up on caffeine, and going off of less than 2 hours of sleep. There is no wonder why they call it hell week. Seriously, if the devil were to invent something - it would be exams. In fact he probably did. 

Anyways, the point being that exams are awful - always have been, always will be. The problem I have found is that most students do not cope with the stresses of exams in a good way. In fact just this morning my friend told me she went to the counseling center and cried to someone for a straight hour! (Although she is graduating this semester, so I can't really blame her). But most college kids do the same thing! They get extremely emotional on limited hours of sleep and seriously, some people just snap. And to think that there are ways that this all could have been avoided!

Study Breaks. One of the most crucial aspects to studying for exams. No seriously, it's probably more important than actually studying. Taking a 'good' break consists of letting your mind do something other than cram information into it for a little while. It lets it rest so that it doesn't explode at the end of exam week. A good break also isn't too long, because we all know those kids that are always 'taking a study break' (Although I can't really talk - I accidentally took a study break nap that lasted for 3 hours, whoops!). There needs to be an even balance. And when I say study break I do not mean go consume massive amounts of alcohol or smoke illegal substances to clear your mind. That is not healthy. What I mean is let your mind go do something fun! Get up and get out of that book stack that you have planted yourself into and let your eyes see something other than your Chemistry book for the up-teenth hundred time.

Here are some of my favorite things to do on a study break:
  • Talk to your roommate
  • Attend a fitness class
  • Work out!
    • I cannot tell you how important this one is! Exercising stimulates your mind and not only helps you de-stress but helps you absorb information once you actually get back to studying.
  • Go get some ice cream/frozen yogurt 
    • Limit this one, surviving off of sugar isn't a good idea either
  • Watch a show on Netflix
  • Have a mini dance party in your room
  • Take a shower or a bubble bath
    • Bath is preferred but I know most dorms do not have them
  • Play a game
  • Call a friend or parent
Lastly, my all time favorite:


I'm such a dork, don't mind me. But seriously can you think of something better than playing with cute baby animals? I mean I certainly can't. 

Last week in the middle of exams my boyfriend and I visited our local SPCA and played with the animals that were there (mainly puppies, but cats and older dogs are allowed too). It was seriously the best break ever. You get to laugh, smile, and get puppy kisses. It doesn't get much better than that. So please enjoy the pictures I took and if you do not have an animal shelter that lets you play with the animals, hopefully at least looking at them will help a little bit.

And I had to add some of my sorority's President's new addition to her family! So precious!

Stay sane and happy studying!

Till next time,

Casey Rose