Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Back to Reality

...Oh there goes one? Ok.

So my first day back to work was today and it I really wish there was such a job where I could just shop all day, wouldn't that be the dream life? It would also be a very expensive life. I did some shopping between when I got back from the beach on Tuesday to when I had to babysit that night and it really did some damage to my wallet. But every piece I bought was justified (sure it was...) so I didn't feel too guilty for buying them. The pieces posted below I believe will get a ton of use! They are clothing staples that will be in my wardrobe for years to come. The necklaces, however, were just because I want to build my jewelry collection...justified right?

This LBD is from a local boutique, it is the perfect jersey material that can be dressed up or dressed down. How could I pass it up?

This is how I styled it for work today with a new necklace as well.

The reason I bought this tank, aside from it being super cute, was because I really don't have a lot of yellow in my wardrobe and I decided that I needed a yellow shirt (my reasons are ridiculous...)

And here it is styled with one of my favorite necklaces from Francesca's

These two are shown styled above. Left from a local boutique and right from Francesca's.
(Coral alternate here, Mint alternate here)

These bad boys are my new babies. I have been eyeing them ever since we got them in at Francesca's. I wore them to work today and never had to take them off, they were so comfortable! These (here) are from Francesca's for $64 (I had a gift card and my employee discount, so of course it was justified), but I also found the exact same pair for $30 at Target (here).

Happy Shopping!

Till next time,

Casey Rose