Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Soaking Up The Rays

It's that time of the year again, time to start thinking about Spring Break. Seriously though, who thought to have Spring Break so early? It will still be decently cold in North Carolina by the time break rolls around. And we can all agree, the time span between Spring Break and 'New Years Resolution' making is not long enough to be swim suit ready. But, we'll make due!

So today's Wish-list Wednesday's will be all about swim suits! Because what's more motivating than trying to imagine yourself in a bikini at this time of year? Yikes!

First off we have the Beach Sexy Scalloped Halter Top from Victoria's Secret starting at $36.50

I started swim suit shopping a couple of weeks ago and one of the places I always love to check first is Victoria's Secret. They tend to always have great quality pieces in a variety of shapes and colors. This particular top caught my eye. I tend to be the girl that only wears bandeau style tops, however this top was just different and cute enough to get me to click the 'add to my cart' button.

This is the Beach Sexy Push-Up Bandeau Top from Victoria's Secret starting at $28.50

And I'm such a hypocrite, here's a bandeau top - how typical. But I seriously love bandeaus, it's the best option for tan lines and if we're being completely honest here - tanning is the main reason I buy swim suits in the first place. I have this top in a pretty coral color that I got last year but the thing I like the most about this top this season is the print shown in the picture above. It is in the pattern 'white paisley' and I fell in love with that print when I was first shifting through their tops. I would probably pair it with a solid bottom that pulls out one of the colors in the top - so cute!

Lastly is the Beach Sexy Cheeky Hipkini Bottom from Victoria's Secret starting at $18.50

Lastly we have the piece that ties it all together - bottoms. Now for me I am not a tiny, stick-thin girl. I have curves, hips, bigger boobs. Having the body that I do makes it hard to find the right bottoms at times. The style that seems to be coming back year by year is the string bikini bottoms. Now, that does not work for me. It is normally too tight and creates an awkward bulge around my hip area. This is why I tend to go for something a little more like the picture above. It has a thicker band around the hips and for the most part highlights the one part of my area that I decently enjoy - my butt. So the cheeky hipkini is always a go, thanks Victoria.

Now I realize talk about bikinis makes some people uncomfortable. Hopefully talk about what styles fit my body type better, as I definitely do not have a 'swim suit body', makes some of you a little more confident that you'll find something out there that suits your body type!

Until next time,

Casey Rose