Thursday, February 27, 2014

Find Your Passion

Recently I have been applying for all sorts of different internships for the summer time. They range from internships with PR companies, to marketing and sales internships, and even a golf tournament assistant position. However, through the application process I never felt extremely pulled to one internship or another. I just thought 'oh this might be cool' or 'this applies to my major' and decided to apply. I never thought 'Wow, if I end up getting this internship I would probably want to work for this company after college', which ended up disheartening me. If I have no urge or passion for these internships now, how will I feel working these jobs for the rest of my life after I graduate? I swore to myself from a young age that I would never be that person that worked a mundane job just to get by. I wanted to pursue a career path that I really, truly loved. That's when it hit me - event planning.

I was speaking with my friend about my issue one day and she explained to me how I was the type of person who needed chaos in my life - in that she meant I do very well handling multiple tasks at a time and keeping a level head while completing them. I also knew I wanted to work with people, because if I didn't I'd go insane. And finally I knew I wanted to do something that allowed me to be creative and also wasn't the same thing day in and day out. This made me realize event planning is for me.

It is the kind of job where you really get to be completely creative, you are working with other people on a daily basis, and you certainly have a different job every single day. This excited me because I know how broad event planning can be! If I chose to tailor it into the sports world I could, but I could just as easily stick with weddings and parties. The limits are endless with this field! That is why it is a perfect fit for me :)

Now I am going to encourage you to go out there and pursue your dream job. You may not know what it is just yet, but start by doing things you love. Find your passions and then try to think of a way to incorporate them into some kind of work aspect, because after all...

Until next time,

Casey Rose