Saturday, April 19, 2014

"Loving You Is Easy"

Man, has this Saturday post thing been a bust. I think I had what, like one post in total? #lame. Let's start it back up again, shall we?

So as you all know my music choice is very diverse. However, there is one genre I always like to go back to and that's 'Pop Rock'. This includes various artists such as Parachute and Mat Kearney. Normally I listen to Mat Kearney radio on Pandora and I find a lot of my new favorite Pop/Rock artists from that channel. One of the artists that I have fallen in love with is Ben Rector. Now I have always loved a few of his songs including 'White Dress' and 'When A Heart Breaks' but it wasn't until last week when I really fell head over heels in love with him.

Every spring NC State puts on a free concert for their students. My first semester at state it was Chiddy Bang. This semester was Mat Kearney (my love), but Ben Rector opened for him. Let me just say by the time he was done I was hoping he would just play for the entire time and Mat would never come on (which is saying a lot because I am obsessed with Mr. Kearney). He was so charismatic and funny that even if he were just to stand up on stage and speak for an hour, I still would have loved it just as much.

Since the concert I have been constantly playing his music on Spotify whenever I get the chance. I would absolutely recommend every single song he has ever written, but the song I will show you guys is going to be 'When I'm With You'. It's been the song I've pretty much been obsessed with lately and I play it over and over again.

Enjoy Mr. Rector. And no ladies, he is not single (unfortunate, right?)

Until next time,

Casey Rose