Monday, March 24, 2014

Frizz Be Gone!

Hey, remember that time 3 months ago that I decided to have a segment on how I get my perfect 'straight hair' look? Yeah, I'm sure you don't because it was 3 MONTHS AGO. Seriously, I am awful and I apologize. But we shall pick up where we left off :)

The third product I attribute my perfect straight hair to is the Living Proof - No Frizz Nourishing Styling Creme.

Now I originally found this product in one of those monthly sample boxes that got sent to my house. The sample size was in a very generous 2 oz size and by the time I finished the sample, I was dying for more. I seriously fell in love. I think mainly because it is the most heavenly hair product smell in the world, in my opinion. But, honestly I attribute this product as a key element in the success of the longevity of my straight hair.

I talked a lot in my first post about my hair texture and type, just a brief over view of that would be that my hair is thick. I have a TON of hair. I also had a very hard time keeping my hair straight throughout the day when I was younger. This product is one of the main reasons I believe I can keep my hair straight even on the most humid and rainy days.

The way I like to use this is I take about a dime sized amount and work it through my hair focusing on the ends, before I straighten my hair and after I use one pump of my Moroccan Oil.

It's a hard product to describe, but I would recommend you try out the 2 oz size for yourself. I can't guarantee it will yield the same results that it did for my hair, but I would absolutely recommend you try it if you identify with my hair type...or if you want your hair to smell just fab :)

You can find this at many different beauty stores, Sephora offers 2, 4, and 8 oz sizes ranging from $15 to $36.

So tell me, what is your favorite smelling beauty product?

Until next time,

Casey Rose