Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What does the fox say?

Confession time. I have this slight obsession with the site It is a site where you can search by the type of item you are looking for, i.e. Peplum top, and find tons of different options from all over the internet with what you are searching for. It makes life so much easier rather than sifting through tons of sites and trying to find that exact item. Sometimes the greatest treasures can be found in the most obscure places.

Another great feature of this site is what I have posted below. You basically make a collage of different items throughout the site. I like to make mine look basically like this every time, almost like an outfit of the day that I don't actually own. This is so much fun to mix and match different outfits together, it really is attractive to poor college students like myself just wishing they had endless amounts of money to spend on clothes and fashion.

So I think for any kind of Fashion Fridays/other random days, I will post something from Polyvore if I don't have pictures of my outfit of the day.

Today's outfit was inspired by this fox dress. I'm not sure if you all have heard of that song called The Fox by Ylvis. It started out as this viral video on Youtube and has now hit number 71 on Spotify. Basically moral of this story is I am obsessed with that song. It's actually hilarious and if you have not seen the video I urge you to check it out right fact I will add the video below just so you really have no excuse but to go watch it right away.

HILAR? RIGHT? Just me? Oh, okay, cool guys...

Anyways...back to this outfit. It was essentially inspired by this song. I saw this fox dress on the front page of the polyvore website, thought "What does the fox say?" and then proceeded to think "I need to create an outfit around this dress", and so became this post.

This outfit not only incorporates a fox, but it also is centered around my greatest love: 'hipster' style. I have posted about this before, how I wish I could dress like this but it is simply not going to happen for me. So instead I like to live my life through these collages thinking about what could have that was depressing. Either way, I hope you enjoy my fox dress collage.

What does the fox say?

Until next time,

Casey Rose