Friday, November 29, 2013

Bleeding Red and White

In honor of the last home football game of the season tomorrow against Maryland, I figured this Fashion Fridays can be dedicated to tailgating attire! Yes, everyones favorite time of year. Football season. Unfortunately it is coming to a close, and I will not be attending the game tomorrow, but it has been a great season thus far.

...okay 'great' may be a bit of a stretch, we pretty much suck this year. But lets be honest, who goes for the game anyways? Yes, I actually do enjoy watching the games, but I won't lie and say I am a hardcore fan - going to all the games, staying the entire time, getting there at least an hour early to get my extra loyalty point. No I am a typical sorority girl. I tailgate, arrive at the game late, and stay till half time (if I'm feeling really into it). So basically, I am the fan that everyone hates. However, since this was my first year where I was able to attend every single football game because I didn't have to work, I figured I would do it right - the sorority way.

Below is the typical tailgating outfit. I will admit, this is more of a 'GDI' attire, sorority girls dress up more - pretty much sundresses and cowboy boots. However, since it is November and I am not into freezing my butt off just to look cute I figured I could break the sorority norm for this one post.

To sum everything up, this outfit covers all of the bases. 

School colors? Check
Cowboy boots? Check
Red Solo Cup? Check

Yup, looks like you've got everything you need to tailgate at NC State. Honestly, the center of the outfit is the cowboy boots. It is a tailgating staple and if you are seen without them on, you might as well be a martian from Carolina. Like, who are you? (I feel like such a brat right now). But I'm not kidding. I know a bunch of guys who make fun of girls for wearing what we do, sundresses and cowboy boots to a football game? Really? Really boys. I know the dress doesn't make sense, but come to a tailgate at NC State and you'll understand why the cowboy boots honestly are the best shoe choice.

Once you have your outfit picked out, grab your favorite alcoholic beverage (if you are of age of course), hit up fraternity row, and you are ready to tailgate. "We're the red and white from State and we know we are the best" please, beat Maryland.


Oh, and Go Wolfpack!

Until next time,

Casey Rose